Why Device Management Is Important?

In an organization all the HRMS calculations mostly depend on the status of attendance of its employee, to make the attendance genuine and transparent nowadays all organizations implementing Biometric-based standalone attendance device. In BioKnox the user doesn’t need any third-party application for interaction with biometric attendance device to manage its employee finger/face template, receive attendance logs and interact with the device. Also, there is no need for manual log data or users’ data management which plays a vital role in data manipulation.

Device Image

Features Of Device Management In BioKnox

  • Direct Communication Between Software and the Biometric Devices

  • Automated Attendance Logs Transfer from Biometric Devices

  • Automated Users Photo, Finger & Face Templates Transfer from Biometric Devices

  • Automated Users Creation While New Users Found in Biometric Devices

  • Auto Transfer of Registered Users Data to Slave Biometric Devices

  • Auto Deletion of Users from All Biometric Devices on Requirement Basis

  • Auto-Locking, Auto Time Adjustment of Biometric Devices As per Server Time

  • Reboot or Shutdown Biometric Devices on Requirement Basis

  • Uploading Encrypted Attendance Logs Through Pen Drive