What Is BioKnox GEO Fencing Attendance?

It is the unique concept of BioKnox in which the Biometric attendance of an employee or workman is captured with its geological position of attendance. Nowadays if an organization has multiple offices at multiple remote locations or its employee and works at an open space project like construction project of Road, Rail Tracks, Pipeline, Telecom, Power Distribution then it is difficult to know whether the Biometric attendance given by the employee or workman through its provided devices are genuine or not. In this specified android application of BioKnox, the attendance captured through a mini finger scanner is genuine as well as authentic.

Geo Image
Geo Image

Benefits Of BioKnox GEO Fencing Attendance System

  • No Need to Install Separate Dedicated Biometric Attendance Device.

  • Attendance Capturing with Unique Geo-Fencing Technology.

  • No Need to Worry About Power Management Related Issues.

  • No Need to Maintain the Biometric Device Since Any Regular Android Phone Becomes An Attendance Device.

  • The Mini Finger Scanner Which Is Very Rugged and Can be Manageable in Any Kind of Weather Condition.

  • There is No Chance of Theft or Damage of Device Since The Organisation Can Issue to Any One For Capturing Attendance due To its non-fraudulence feature.

  • Any Standard Biometric Device Has Limited Template Store and Matching Capacity but Here The User Can Track Any Employee / Workman Through Its Registered Template Database in BioKnox Server.

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Features of BioKnox GEO Fencing Attendance

  • Specification Device GEO Position Through Web App.
  • Capturing Employee or Workman Attendance with GEO Position Through App.
  • The facility of Online as well as Offline Attendance with GEO Position Capturing.
  • Fixation of Geological Boundary of Attendance Device.
  • Rejection / Scratching of Out Bound GEO Position Attendance.
  • Any Kind of Android Device Can Be Convertible to GEO Fencing Attendance Device.
  • Auto as well as Manual Transmission of Captured Attendance to BioKnox Server.