What is ESS?

Employee self-service, or ESS, is an available feature with most modern HRMS. ESS allows employees to take care of many different human resources-related and job-related tasks that would otherwise need to be completed by human resources personnel or management. Employee self-service can help many companies save labor hours and increase efficiency. Evolving corporate cultures require that HR systems evolve, too. While this may seem to be a no-brainer, it has taken a long time for HR systems to evolve from the piecemeal manual process that was used for decades. With the introduction of self-service HRMS, the landscape of HR is now making fast strides toward a more logical and efficient system.

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Benefits of Employee Self-Service

There are many benefits of Employee Self-Service technology, including reduced administration, less paperwork, and improved accuracy.

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  • Cost Savings

    With ESS, all those hours spent accessing and updating employee data would be eliminated, allowing more time for improving the work environment and saving money on workforce-related costs.

  • Time Savings

    Routine HR administration sucks time and energy from management that could be spent on other things. With an ESS system in place, those with HR duties will have more time to focus on things like strategic business partnership activities, hiring, and training.

  • Employee Control and Engagement

    When you give employees the ability to access and update their own data, not only does this save a lot of time and money for the company, it also benefits employees with more accurate, transparent, and timely information.

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  • Information Accuracy

    Lots of key information can get lost in translation when you work with an intermediary. An HRMS with ESS helps eliminate duplicate data entry and increase record-keeping accuracy by allowing employees to check and change their data.

  • Expense Management

    If you allow employees to file expense reports, Employee Self-Service streamlines the process by providing 24/7 access to the approval and reimbursement process, including uploading receipts and managing expenses while traveling.

  • Time-Off Management

    An HRMS system with Employee Self-Service allows you to track absences and pinpoint trends, as well as give employees the ability to submit time-off requests, find out who’s available to cover a shift and track their PTO hours.

Why You Should Choose Bioknox For Employee Self Service?

While an organization wants to increase its work efficiency by starting a clear strategical interaction with its employee, at that point it always needs a process through which all the information between an employee as well as an employer should be managed transparently. By using the BioKnox Employee Self Service Portal and android App it becomes easier for the organization to maintain the same.

Major Features of BioKnox Employee Self Service Portal and Android App

  • Who approves the leave request in the Reporting Manager’s absence?
  • Who approves the requests of an employee who does not have a direct reporting manager?
  • How many times can leave be applied and rejected for a single employee?
  • As a Manager, I can approve how many days after the exhaustion of the provided paid time off of an employee?
  • What is the maximum number of leaves that can be approved at the same time?