Attendance Management System

Attendance of The Organisation Always Plays a Vital Role in Its HRMS. BioKnox's Attendance Management system is the only cloud platform in the world that does real-time integration with all attendance device types - Biometric, Smart Card, RFID, Facial recognition devices. Time and attendance solutions for Large enterprises having offices at multi-locations can be managed centrally using BioKnox Attendance Management Solution. Using this application attendance can be captured from various sources.

Direct Integration With Third Party Biometric / RFID Attendance Devices

GEO Fenced Attendance Capturing Through App With Pre Installed Finger Scanner

Mis Punch Posting Through Employee Self Service App

Out-Door Tour Posting Through Employee Self Service App

Attendance Automation

Our basic aim is to make the attendance process automated. So, we hate the old & traditional process to capture attendance through registers. BioKnox Attendance Management Software eliminates the manual process and does end-end automation of tracking, managing, and scheduling employee hours. BioKnox looks after the status of each device connected to it and sends a fail-over notification to its IT admins, in case any device goes offline. Whenever the device becomes active, BioKnox gets past offline attendance records from the devices. It does it seamlessly with your existing bio-metric infrastructure.

Device Automation Image

Auto Shift Roster

Auto Shift Roster or Shift Management refers to managing employees in an organization who have different working hours based on the shift they are in. BioKnox is specially designed to assist in the complex task of organising employee shift schedules (also known as rosters). It is developed targeting a wider range of businesses and organisations such as various charities, hospitals, museums food and beverages departments.

Auto Shift Roster Image

Attendance Processing

BioKnox Attendance Management Software process the attendance data automatically. It helps employers to track the employees whenever they want. They need not make processing each & every time to get who's in office and at what time. BioKnox provides real-time attendance every second.

Attendance Processing Image

Over Time Management

“Time is money” We all live in a real-time world where time flies so quickly before we even realize and so it’s vital to schedule and place a value on time to remain successful. For companies that employ hourly labor employee overtime management is vital to know how much overtime is costing your organization. With effective planning, & overtime hours monitoring you can get insight data to effectively manage remunerated overtime, limit overtime expenditure and improve strategies. As counting all of the time that employees spend at work manually remains a confusing & tedious task, all you need to do is automate your employee overtime management. By configuring BioKnox overtime settings & respective calculation factors based on the company’s rules and regulations you can count all of the time that employees spend at work effortlessly as well identify grey areas that would help you assess for better decision making. BioKnox time tracking & management software has specialized features for ease of planning and scheduling employee overtime. By configuring multiple reports you can improve efficiency, productivity without any hassle. To easily manage the overtime schedules and track details contact us.

Over Time Image