• Case Details

    Implementation of Workman Attendance with Payroll through finger based biometric attendance system for an open frame project site having a large spread over work area withvery large volume workman.

  • About The Project

    In the early 2011 we got a challenged project from the world leader of construction company M/s. Larsen & Toubro Ltd for implementation of Biometric based attendance management of his workman as well as regular employee. The complete project is an open frame construction site which was spread over an area of approximately 45 square kilometers situated at Duburi, Jajpur, Odisha. At the beginning the workman strength was approximately one thousand and within few months its increased up to 50 thousand plus live worker and one thousand plus employee. We have the responsibility to plan the project and guide the HR team on implementation of the project.

  • Challenges in The Project

    There are several challenges in the project out of which few are very much crucial as well as important for the client.

    • The large spread over project site having several attendance capturing zones and the biometric devices can’t be connected with central server through LAN connectivity.

    • Large volume of live workman (Approximately 55000 at the pick time) as well as heavy floating workman volume (Approximately 2 Lakhs at the pick time).

    • No time restricted shift planner, like any workman can start his work at any time without fixed timebound as per the requirement of site supervisor / site engineer.

    • Management of large finger template data of the workman in a small template volume storage biometric device in such a manner that the workman can put his attendance any device as and when required.

    • Time bound reporting to HQ of the client is the one of the most important challenges in which the application / software should process the complete attendance of the project sites without any error and issue within few minutes.

    • All the required calculative reports on workman management, gate pass management, attendance management, payroll and full & final of the workman should be generated without any additional effort from the attendance data in the same software.

    • In Night Shift the client found that the production output was becomes very low as per the workman volume. It generates the requirement a biometric based investigation of the workman presence during the mid of the shift.

  • Solutions We Provided

    This was a big and challenging project for us at that time but still we are confident that our previous experience in this field and our dedicated development as well as implementation team is fundamentally so strong that they can easily overcome the changes and resolve the client issues and requirements whatever generated during the implementation as well as operation of the project.

    • We have recommended to use finger based biometric attendance device having largest volume of finger template storage capacity. For the same we have recommended the biometric device having finger template capacity of 10000 templates and logs capacity of 1 lakh with communication facility of LAN as well as USB 2.0. Since at that time the GPRS signal not available at the project site therefore we have not recommended to use GPRS facility of the device.

    • For data download and upload to the biometric device we have planned to use USB communication system or LAN connectivity with the device in few places where wired LAN or P2P LAN facility is available.

    • We have planned to make multiple movable attendance locations inside the project real work area where client have to provide proper attendance sheds and stable electricity supply to the biometric devices.

    • Since the workman can enter into the work area at any time as per requirement basis and may continue his work for a long period, therefore the bi-directional attendance punch recording will not generate the proper attendance report. To resolve the issue we have made shift wise device allocation. Workman coming in Day Shift have to give his IN and OUT punch in Day Shift device and same for the Night Shift workman.

    • The total workman volume of the project and their vendors are divided into multiple attendance groups and assigned vendor wise work area to them. The volume of the workman should not be more than 5000 for individual attendance group.

    • For every attendance group one Master Biometric Device kept for registration of workman finger template. After completion of the registration process the templates transferred to all corresponding devices of the same attendance group automatically through LAN or manually through Pen Drive.

    • Every day the attendance logs collected from all devices through Pen Drive or through LAN communication and uploaded to the BiOKnox software for attendance processing. Upload of all attendance logs from all 400 + biometric devices will take maximum 10 minutes and processing of attendance logs will take maximum duration of 3 minutes.

    • After the attendance processing the auto mailing schedule of the BiOKnox software have to mail the attendance reports of current day as well as previous day to the HQ authority with complete manhour calculation on vendor wise, skill wise, work area wise, vendor + skill category wise and many more.

    • All types of statutory reports on Attendance, Workman, Gate Pass, Leave, Week Off, Holiday, Payroll, Vendor Bill Preparation and Full & Final generated from the BiOKnox without any additional reports.

    • We have also provided a Night Audit feature in the software by using the same the client can able to detect the workman who are not available in the actual project work area during his Night Shift work duration.

    • Our project successfully completed the Six Year service period for the same project and we got a new milestone on the implementation of Work Man Attendance & Payroll.

  • Conclusion

    This project gives us a vast experience in workman attendance management andalso the features of the BiOKnox software increased to a separate level of performance.Due to this project experience, we got several projects in work man HR management from India’s big corporates like Larsen & Toubro Limited, Tata Projects Limited, Godrej Consumer Products, Irise India, Tarapore& Co., ThriveniSainik and many more.