• Case Details

    Preparation of Biometric UID of the employee as well as workman to restrict duplicate employee / workman as well as block the unwanted employee / workman who are previously involved in any kind of illegal activities. (Due to client privacy reason, we can’t declare the details of the client)

  • About The Project

    In the year 2013 a unique case came to us in which one of our premium clients wants to create Unified Biometric ID for its Employee as well as workman.In this project he wants to register all the ten fingers of the persons and the application should detect the duplicate finger template if any in the database of the previously registered finger templates. The client wants to register all the ten finger templates of approximately 5 lakhs workman which may join to them within few years. Client wants to keep all the finger templates data (approximately 50 lakhs) in a central local server database and while a new employeestarts his work, he should register his all 10 fingers in this application and the application should instantly de-duplicate all the 10 finger templates of the new employee with the existing finger template data. If any finger template found matched with the existing data, then the application prompt with a message of duplicate datafound and it shows the previous ID in which the same finger is registered. If all 10 fingers passed the de-duplication process then it should generate a unique biometric ID for this employee.

  • Challenges in The Project

    This project is completely unique for us and whatever requirement client asking is not available with any Biometric solution providers in India. The issues and requirement whatever we traced during the project analysis are like

    • In this project is client wants to make the de-duplication process on a bulk volume of finger templates (approximately 50 lakhs).

    • Client wants the de-duplication process output on instant basis, means the de-duplication result should be prompt just after complete of finger registration of the new employee.

    • The FAR (False Acceptance Rate) of the matcher should not be greater than 0.0001 %.

    • The FRR (False Rejection Rate) of the matcher should not be greater than 0.1 %.

    • All the finger templates data should be stored in any kind of device that may be any standalone device or PC / Server.

    • Fake Finger detection feature should be available in the scanner so that any one should not able to register the finger template using any type of artificial finger device.

    • The major challenge for us is there is no standalone finger print device available in which it can store such a bulk volume of finger template and it should deduplicate with the same.

    • Since client wants to register the finger templates of such a big volume of employee / workman therefore it can’t be done in a single device.

  • Solutions We Provided

    No doubt this is a challenging project for us but still after several analysis and research we made a great solution for this requirement. During the R&D process of this requirement we have also spent a lot of money as well time to overcome the issues. Finally,we got the solution and it works fine during its execution process. At the pick period we found its working fine with a finger template load of approximately 25 lakhs +.

    • For this solution we have made a Biometric UID application for the client with facility to execute in multiple PCs connected with a single server.

    • All the PCs have minimum RAM of 12GB and the Finger Scanner connected through the USB port of the PC.

    • The de-duplication application installed in all the PCs and linked with the central Database Server in the LAN.

    • The server is installed with Database License and central application for controlling the database as well as its connected PCs.

    • The operator has to start the server application installed in the server and assign operation permission to other client PCs.

    • Now the operator has to start the client de-duplication application and start the registration of the finger templates of the new employee / workman with its personal information as well as capture the live photo.

    • After completion of the finger registration while the operator clicks on the submit button the application automatically de-duplicate the fingers and if any duplicate finger found it stops the registration process and inform the operator about the duplicate ID available with the database.

    • If any duplicate ID found then the application will show the complete information of the previously registered employee with its pre-captured photograph.

    • If all the ten fingers of the new employee passed the de-duplication process then the system will generate a Unique Biometric ID for the employee and same is used for future reference of the employee.

    • This project is completely test proof and tested in multiple projects. The same is tested with a pick template load of 25 Lakhs +.

  • Benefits

    Finally, after successful implementation of this project the client traced a bulk volume of duplicate workman who are present in their muster roll with duplicate ID proof and they have already taken a large value of wages from the client in last few months. This system also restricts the illegal intrusions of previously blocked workman who enters to premises in a new ID proof through a separate vendor.

  • Conclusion

    Any organization who is involve in open project operation and handling a bulk volume of workman, then this project is helpful for them. Because this project gives a level of satisfaction to its users that whatever value they spending for their workman wages is fully value for money. We have also implemented the same project for multiple locations as and when ordered by our esteemed clients.