• Case Details

    Implementation of BiOKnox Cloud Based HRMS in a Hospital Cum Medial College of Odisha having employee strength more than 3000. (Due to client privacy reason, we can’t declare the details of the client)

  • About The Project

    A renowned and well-known hospital cum medical college of Odisha contacted us for implementation of a complete HRMS for their organization having multiple work locations inside Odisha and employee strength more than 3000. Earlier they are using multiple applications to manage their HRM tasks, out of which one application to collect the attendance logs from the biometric device, one application for manage their attendance and leave of the employee, a self-designed spread sheet for generation of payroll and some other spreadsheet & files to manage statutory reports, exit info, employee track records etc. During their past work culture, they always involved with those applications to manage the HRM tasks and by the same the maximum time & efforts of HR team engaged to manage those files. After a complete range of discussion with their HR and IT team we suggested them to implement BiOKnox cloud for their institution.

  • Challenges in The Project

    As per our past experience this project is not so much challengeable for us but the major issue is the past work culture of the client. Because as per their last work culture they have the mind set of easy and open frame data management features and facility. But using a predesigned HRM Solution have some operational boundary and restrictions which will made us challengeable to make them adopt and understand the concept. Few out of several challenges we are mentioning hereunder

    • The institution has multiple locations of offices and hospitals all over the state and the employee of one location can move to another location without any prior notification to HR team. Therefore, they want any employee of the organization should put their attendance in any devices of any location.

    • Since a new employee may join in any location therefore the biometric template of the employee should be registered in any biometric device and it should be auto synchronized with all the remaining devices without any kind of human efforts.

    • All the attendance logs should be auto transmitted to the application through internet and there should not be any kind human interference or third-party application should not be involved.

    • Since this is a single registered institution having multiple work locations therefore, we can’t use division concept but they asked to generate work area / location wise reports.

    • Since this is a health care institution therefore all the staff comes to the institution round the clock as per the requirement basis. For the same they have around 160 + shifts timings and all the shifts they want to manage automatically.

    • They have around 200+ large & small departments in their institution and approximately 100+ reporting authority responsible to manage the departments. For manage the information of every department they asked to implement all entry and approval of corresponding departments should be managed only by their responsible reporting authority.

    • All the leave, optional holiday, compensatory holiday, compensatory week off, mis-punch posting, OD posting, GEO Fenced Attendance, employee profile data update, expense management, loan applications and all of their corresponding approvals should be managed in the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal or the ESS mobile app.

    • The HR team only should be involved in final report verification and generation without any kind of manual data entry or operations.

    • From employee biometric attendance up to generation of employee salary slip should be managed in a single application with single directional data management policy.

  • Solutions We Provided

    After a long discussion and multiple one to one meeting we have implemented the BiOKnox Cloud HRM for their institution. All the necessary alignment and implementation process completed within 2 months of operation. Now a days the HR team becomes free and relaxed from every aspect of manage the complete HR task of such a big organization.

    • We have implemented High Speed 3D Facial biometric devices in multiple locations of the institution and the institution provide dedicated internet to all the devices as per our instruction.

    • All the devices directly connected with the BiOKnox cloud application and the application manages the operation of the device. The admin can verify the status of the devices directly with the BiOKnox portal without any mid application.

    • All the biometric templates and logs auto synchronized with BiOKnox database without any human interference also the templates auto transmitted to remaining biometric devices without any additional efforts or operation.

    • We have instructed to use work area option in the software which becomes help full to the HR team for generation of work area wise reports as and when required.

    • We have prepared multiple shift groups / shift cycles, shift policy and made them assigned to the employee in mass shift assignment screen which resolve the issue of shift management.

    • The reporting authority features in BiOKnox will work on dual mode (direct as well as hierarchical) and the HR team wants to adopt the direct method. The mass reporting authority assignment screen of BiOKnox help them to implement the same with less efforts.

    • We have distributed the ESS mobile app download link, ESS web portal link and their operation training video link to every employee through mail. The implementation of ESS completed within few days just after distribution of the links.

    • By using the ESS web portal, the reporting authority also manage their day-to-day task like all kind of authorization, task assignment, verification of team presence and productivity and many more.

    • After completion of all these tasks the HR team have only one task to do, that is the generation of pay slip after freezing of attendance.

  • Conclusion

    The BiOKnox application is self-sufficient in every aspect to manage HR task of any kind of organization. Whether the organization is a small office or a big corporate or an open frame construction company, whatever the institution may be, if the institution adopts BiOKnox then it will make the HR operation smoother and lighter. Our skilled & innovative development and implementation team always ready to resolve the issues and requirements whatever generated by our esteemed clients.