• Case Details

    Preparation of GEO fenced Biometric Attendance Using Any Personal Mobile & Biometric Finger Scanner. Capturing attendance in Offline as well as Online mode and autosyncing with BiOKnox cloud HRM.

  • About The Project

    During the year 2017-2018 one of our esteemed client M/s. Larsen & Toubro Ltd. Discussed with us regarding their attendance issue whatever they are facing in regular basis for their Transport Infra project. This type of projects like Construction of Roads, Power Transmission etc. have an open and long-distance work area like 10 to 200 kilometers range and may bi higher in some cases. Therefore, to capture the attendance of workman in such a high range of work area is a challenging task. To resolve the issue, they asked us to develop such an application which will resolve their live attendance collection issues.

  • Challenges in The Project

    • The work area is spread over a distance of more than 150 kilometers. In between this long-distance work area, they have approximately 75 + work locations where 20 to 30 employee / workman are engaged.

    • They are not ready to adopt any kind of traditional biometric device, because they don’t have offices or work container at the work locations which can provide power to make the biometric device operational and also if they purchase the same then they have to pay a big value for that.

    • All the attendance data they want with the Geological information, server-maintained timing and valid biometric matching for avoid the fraudulence of the data.

    • All the attendance they required should be generated after matching of the employee biometric UID data which should be generated while registering all the ten fingers of the employee at the time of joining.

    • Since there may be chances of non-availability of mobile network therefore the system should capture the attendance in Online as well as Offline mode and while it connected with any mobile network it should automatically sync the attendance data with the BiOKnox server.

    • For capturing the attendance in a valid work area, the client wants to create virtual work area linked with its GEO position in the application portal with providing a range of 50-to-100-meter radius. If the attendance captured inside the mentioned work area, then only it is a valid attendance otherwise it is invalid and the system will automatically scratch the attendance.

    • For capturing the attendance, they will provide the mini finger scanner and the application link to the site supervisor and it’s the responsibility of the supervisor to capture the attendance using his own mobile.

    • All the operation, permission, assignment, approval etc. should be managed by the HQ Admin team through the provided web portal.

    • All the task of HR team like Generation of Attendance Reports, Productivity Reports, pay slip Preparation, Vendor Bill preparation etc. should be generated from a single portal and the master key data is the GEO Fenced attendance what so ever collected through the mentioned mobile application.

  • Solutions We Provided

    Only implementation of a HRM application will not give the solution for the client requirement, so we thought something extra and out of box we have to think for fulfilment of the client requirement. We develop a mobile application which will be connected with a mini finger scanner and should be able to operate in any android phone, the application itself collect the attendance with GEO location data in online as well as offline mode and sync the attendance data with the BiOKnox server for future reporting.

    • The BioKnox Attendance Capturing Mobile Application we developed is a self-sufficient stand-alone biometric attendance device.

    • While any employee starts his employment the HR team register his all fingers in BiOKnox software and the system will generate the Biometric UID of the employee by finger template de-duplication process.

    • Client distributed the mobile application to the site supervisor with mini finger scanner with it. The application license and finger scanner use license controlled through the BiOKnox cloud application by the client.

    • While the supervisor login into the application it will collect the finger templates from the BiOKnox cloud server and the device is ready to operate.

    • Now the employee / workman has to put his finger on the scanner and it will verify the authenticity of the finger. After find an authentic finger the application stores the attendance logs of the concern employee with the GEO position of the device. When the device connected with any mobile network it will sync the attendance logs with the GEO position data to the BiOKnox Cloud Database.

    • After getting the attendance data from the device the BiOKnox cloud application auto verify the genuine GEO position attendance and process the attendance of the employee / workman for further process.

    • Further after the HR team getting the attendance information, they can generate all the reports regarding Attendance & Payroll as per their requirement basis from the BiOKnox cloud HRMS.

    • This solution is completely user friendly as well as authentic from every aspect andthe client also implemented successfully the same at 50+ project sites in the state of Maharastra.

  • Conclusion

    This kind of application is mostly suitable for any kind of open frame project sites who are involve in the projects like construction of Highways, power transmission project, sewerage or pipe line projects, railway or metro project etc. By using this concept, the client can get a genuine as well as authentic employee as well as workman attendance info without any kind of additional man power or machinery utilization. This concept is viable in both economical as well operation concentric.